The Future of Work and Care: The Business Case for Action

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This session is a call to action for business leaders and policy decision makers to make Australia a more family-friendly nation and promote the wellbeing outcomes for Australian families.    

Over 6,000 working Australian parents and carers, responded to the 2024 National Working Families Survey highlighting the challenges faced in balancing work, family and personal commitments. The initial findings have found that in the last five years there has been a serious increase in stress for parents and carers in balancing their career and their caring responsibilities outside of work. 

The session draws on the findings of the full Report and provides recommendations, insights and strategies to create family-inclusive workplaces. 

There is clear evidence that when an employer improves its family-friendly policies and practices, there is a significant positive impact on workplace inclusion, gender equality and wellbeing outcomes.  Bridging the work and care divide improves work-life wellbeing outcomes of employees and their families, workplace culture and the ability to attract top talent.   

Hosted by Emma Walsh, Founder of Family Friendly Workplaces and featuring speakers Georgie Dent, CEO, The Parenthood, Geoff Lloyd, Chair, The Fathering Project & Lisa Annese, CEO, Diversity Council of Australia, this webinar provides insights, tools and strategies to enable evidence-based, family-inclusive practices, including:

  • What are the challenges working families face?

  • Why being family-friendly matters – the business case for action.

  • What it means to become a socially responsible employer through family-inclusive policies. 

  • How to maximise social impact through family-friendly practices.

Join hundreds of employers – including Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte, QBE, Novartis, Randstad Australia, Microsoft, AGL, PepsiCo, Volvo and more – and be a part of creating a more family-friendly Australia.

Supported by the Family Friendly Workplaces Founding Partners:

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