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Navigating the New Workplace & Leading Hybrid Teams

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Leadership Challenges 

The workplace is more flexible and fluid than ever before. In today's modern flex-working environment the key areas of focus for leaders and managers need to be:

Navigating uncertainty & being flexible

  • People's regular work patterns have shifted.
  • Predictable individual and team routines are now fluid.
  • The way ahead is less certain.

Supporting mental health & wellbeing

  • Leaders will be first-responders for individuals who struggle to adapt to their changing circumstances.
  • Leaders will have increased responsibility for their team's wellbeing.

Nurturing team cohesiveness & shared purpose

  • Less certainty and connectedness between individuals and teams.
  • Managing teams remotely is the new norm.
  • Individuals will be more responsible for self-management. 


Facilitating increased virtual work and automation 

  • Business processes will be increasingly more virtual and automated.
  • Leaders will need to be adept at virtual change management.


Future of Work Series

Customisable to your workplace and teams

Can be delivered virtually or in person

Suitable for a group of managers and or a manager and their team


Topics Covered


A quality of connection that fosters a team environment where people feel comfortable to raise concerns and express ideas is paramount to people working productively. But what are the components that make this possible? What's getting in the way and how can we overcome the barriers that get in the way of a team working cohesively together, although apart? 

Session focus:
  • What's changed or needs to change for individuals and the team and what's the impact
  • Assessing a team's current state
  • What do we need to address as a team / individuals
  • What does flexibility look like for our team


What does it take to shift outmoded ways of working as a team and how can managers assist this process to bring an equal level of responsibility and accountability to the team when it comes to embracing the changes needed? 

Session focus:

  • What served us well through Covid that we could use now
  • What does our future state of team look like and need to have in focus
  • What do I as a leader need to function – what to amplify/continue
  • What do the individuals and the team need to function – what to amplify/continue
  • What will we let go of


What is needed from leaders to help their teams work with a sense of purpose and feeling of enrichment in their everyday tasks and interaction with their colleagues or clients? How might managers take the lead in supporting the team with this so that they feel energised at the end of the week?

Session focus:

  • Leveraging team strengths
  • Creating a flexible work charter
  • Job crafting and team alignment
  • Agreeing success and support

Customise a Program for your Workplace 

This series is suitable for all leaders, managers and teams impacted by changes to work and/or life. 


  • 2.5 hour session online or 3 hours face to face
  • Access to additional post session resources including podcasts and articles related to a range of subjects relating to managing teams
  • Delivered by expert Work Design and Leadership Development facilitators qualified with mental health first aid
  • Follow up 1:1 | 60 minute leadership coaching available 

Book a consultation to discuss and design a program to suit your organisation's needs.



Other Virtual Learning Options

Choose from a range of virtual learning topics that can be delivered in your workplace by webinar on specific topics for leaders, employees and teams.


For Individuals


FOCUS: Mental health and wellbeing, adapting to remote team work, adjusting to change and uncertainty at home and at work, embracing the future way of working.

For Teams


FOCUS: Team direction and certainty, adapting to new future reality, building team connectedness, future-proofing and creating a way forward.

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About Our Facilitators

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The Changing Places Group Executive Coaches are independent specialists in the field of Coaching, Leadership and Career Management.

Our coaches bring significant experience working in corporate leadership careers and the qualifications necessary for effective coaching. 

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About Changing Places Group

This leadership series is delivered by the Changing Places Group.

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