Work Life Wellbeing Learning Series

Support your managers and employees to thrive at work and at home

We are all about creating family friendly workplaces.

Our global work life wellbeing experts provide organisations with access to monthly online learning sessions designed to deliver practical tips and tools to support employees and leaders to improve work life wellbeing outcomes. 

Parents At Work have curated a program of learning events to align Career, Family and Wellbeing that is designed to be interactive and engaging.

What's Included?

  • Live learning sessions for leaders, parents and carers 

  • Interactive Q&A

  • Monthly Newsletter to your HR team with upcoming Manager + Employee session dates

  • 20 sessions provided over a 12-month subscription

  • Managers, parents and carers have access to qualified executive work-life coaches

  • Topics cover a wide range of manager, parent and carer related content to support Career, Wellbeing and Family


94% Retention

Targeted family friendly strategies have resulted in high retention levels (94%), high loyalty levels and reduced absenteeism.

Learning Sessions for Employees & their Families

Group Coaching for Parental Leave


Return to Work After Parental Leave

Returning to work after parental leave can be both an exciting and challenging time with new routines to be navigated along with a mixture of emotions and feelings. 

This session will help you plan and prepare for your return to work. Expert coaches will provide essential and informative tips on how to manage the transition.

If you’re already back at work, this session will be great to explore what is and isn’t working for you and to re-evaluate what you need to make the return to work experience an easier one. This is an interactive Q&A session.


Preparing for Parental Leave

In this webinar experienced coaches will provide practical tools and insightful tips that support you, your family, your career as you transition to parental leave in.

Whether it’s your first pregnancy, second or more, it is important to plan and prepare for a smooth transition to leave to set you up a strong foundation on your return.

The topics covered include:
· Planning for leave
· Reviewing your career progress and plan
· Managing your pregnancy at work
· Making staying-in-touch during leave easier
· Planning for future flexible work arrangements

Masterclass for Work Life Balance


THRIVE Career Life Wellbeing Alignment Masterclass

Our extremely popular THRIVE Masterclass sets you up to thrive not just survive. The session is designed to help you prioritise what’s most important to you and create a pathway to support your career development in parallel with your family and wellbeing needs.

Combining work and family life can be very challenging. In this masterclass we give you practical tools and tips to not only address the common struggles many carers experience but also to support you to create alignment between work and family so that you can thrive in all aspects of your life.

This is an interactive Q&A session that runs for 1.5 hours. 

Specialised Career, Family and Wellbeing Webinars


Managing Mental Wellbeing for You and Your Family

The impact of Covid and increased stress in our society as a result has had an effect on almost every aspect of our daily lives. For many, it is the continued uncertainty and concern that is impacting our mental health and wellbeing the most. 

The Managing Mental Wellbeing for You and Your Family webinar is a chance to review the issues that impact mental health caused by this uncertainty and to share ways to look after you, your children and extended family.

Hear from experts as we deliver concrete ideas that can support your family’s mental health and wellbeing and how you can prioritise your own mental health.

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Wellbeing Habits to Manage Fatigue & Burnout

Over the past 12 months Australia has seen an increasing numbers of employees experiencing fatigue and burnout. 

Wellbeing Habits to Manage Fatigue & Burnout has been designed in response to this, providing simple lifestyle and wellbeing tips to help parents and carers with the juggle of work and family responsibilities.

The webinar covers:
- the signs and symptoms of fatigue and burnout
- what causes it; and
- how to manage through preventative lifestyle strategies

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Career Wellbeing: Managing flexible work boundaries for a sustainable career

Flexible working models are now embedded and becoming normalised in most organisations, with flexible working arrangements and wellbeing being top priorities for employees.

The workplace of the future is based on performance, outcomes, and trust – all important elements in providing for successful flexible and hybrid habits of working. Embedding and normalising flexible working arrangements assist to support career development, drive greater efficiency, problem solving and innovation to future proof your career aspirations. With the goal of making work better for humans and humans better at work.

Join Future of Work expert Ariane Virtue in this practical session designed to help you set up effective flexible work patterns to improve personal productivity, maintain connections and drive your career, that will enhance your wellbeing. We know that humanising our workplaces, will enable you to align a successful career and your commitments outside of work. Make work, work!

PAW Webinar - Mental Health Dads (1)

Mental Health & Wellbeing for Dads

What is mental health? What is wellbeing? And how do these specifically impact men and fathers?

Join the team from Dads Group in this interactive session as they share their insights into how to improve wellbeing and ‘nail’ fatherhood. 

This session will provide you with real life activities you can explore and apply to your fatherhood journey as well as more structured pathways to personal development.

Celebrating Fatherhood (1)

Celebrating Fatherhood - The Joys and Challenges

A special Father’s Day 2022 presentation for Parents At Work members in collaboration with our partners at Dads Group.

Hear from Dads Group Founders Thomas Docking and Adam Tardiff as they present an interactive round table of learning and sharing on the fatherhood journey.

This session will provide insights on how to make the most of fatherhood, be intentional about fatherhood and set goals for success.

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Connected Parenting - with Gen Muir

What are the modern challenges parents face today? In this special event webinar with our partners at Connected Parenting, parenting expert Gen Muir will share her wisdom around creating a secure bond with children and how this can make parenting easier. 

The webinar will cover:

- the importance of connection
- boundaries; why that are needed and how to set them
- feelings; how to respond when our kids are upset
- the importance to self care for parents and how to get it happening


Cyber Safety - Digital Wellbeing for Children

The world of social media, games & technology are fast becoming the centre of our children’s universe. It can be a challenging task for parents to stay on top of the dangers of technology, while monitoring their child’s online behaviour and finding balance in their own lives.

If you’ve ever struggled in getting your kids off their games and into bed, been worried about the online content they consume, or felt anxious that your child is spending too much time in the digital world, this session is for you.

This session will be facilitated by Yasmin London, Executive Director of Australia’s leading cyber safety education organisation, ySafe Social Media & Cyber Safety Experts.

If your organisation requires additional leadership support we also offer a Leading Hybrid Teams Program. For more information click here.




Excellent workshop that provides some simple strategies that can be implemented straight away with little effort.



Practical advice on how to cope and manage mental wellbeing for me and my family during these difficult times. 



Unlike other courses I've attended by other companies, this one didn't focus on theory of what mental wellbeing was but on solutions making it an incredibly valuable session.



Experts offering valuable advice and tips to manage wellbeing in these uncertain times.



I loved interacting with people from different parts of the world.


Wake up Call

The Interactive chats and the Wheel of Life was a huge wake-up call for me.

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Parents At Work is global provider of work + family solutions for workplaces enabling people to thrive at work and at home. Our mission is to create inclusive family friendly workplaces for all. Our interactive work + family platform, coaching and policy advisory services are designed to support employees, their families and managers.

Since 2007 we have supported over 500,000 families and over 130 organisations have joined our membership, benefiting from positive family friendly outcomes in their workplace. As a social impact organisation, we partner with UNICEF and other human rights agencies to improve gender equality and work life wellbeing outcomes. This includes the Family Friendly Workplace Certification for employers.